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Military and Government

When power can’t be compromised.

Providing reliable and powerful batteries to the U.S. Military and Government is not taken lightly at Stryten. We are honored to provide innovative battery solutions that deliver results in many critical applications.

Reliable. Powerful. Innovative.

Stryten provides dependable power and/or back-up power for combat vehicles, submarines, military communication systems, data centers, material handling and more.

To learn more about Stryten’s Military and Government solutions, please complete our Contact Us form and a representative will get in touch with you.

Why Stryten?

  1. Our advanced manufacturing technology results in lead and lithium batteries that can withstand the most demanding environments.
  2. Stryten offers industry leading battery performance and life cycle for all applications, including telecom, data centers, material handling, utilities and military operations.
  3. The strength of our team matches the strength of our batteries. We have a dedicated team of experts who deliver leading edge stored energy chemistries to our customers.
  4. Stryten holds the necessary certifications to work directly with U.S. government agencies and purchasing groups, including DFARS and NIST.

The large tactical vehicles of today are more like ground-based fast jets than the traditional steel box-like vehicles of the past. Packed full of sensors, advanced communication systems, active protection systems, electric power and specialized battlefield systems, they demand more instantaneous and sustained power than ever before. The objective today is silent watch operation of these large scale vehicular power systems in order to increase battlefield survivability. The future aspiration is to also have silent mobility in the last “tactical half mile.”

Platform survivability, mobility and tactical readiness are enhanced when a combat vehicle is able to power itself and its components without continuous running of the engine. 

Using Stryten’s Symbasys SwatPack™ or Symbasys SwitchPack™ i6T lithium batteries enables silent watch capability, as well as reducing size, weight, space claim, cost and logistical burden associated with added fuel consumption, maintenance and logistics compared to traditional power solutions.

  • Our i6T lithium battery, replaces 3 traditional lead batteries and has more capacity than existing lithium-ion 6T
  • Our SwatPack modular battery system replaces 6 traditional lead batteries or 2 lithium-ion 6T batteries

Stryten provides superior battlefield advantage through smart power management and distribution technologies that maximize the availability, efficiency and storage of electrical power for tactical vehicles in any environment.

  • The Symbasys SwitchPack i6T reduces weight, charges faster and improves silent watch times over traditional lead batteries.
  • The Symbasys SwatPack modular system powers board surveillance, turret controls, targeting, communications and other auxiliary vehicle power needs.
  • The Stryten E-Series Absolyte AGP SVRLA battery in the U.S. Navy’s submarines.
  • The Stryten line of essential (stationary) batteries for critical power and/or back-up power to data centers, telecom installations, military utility needs and more.
  • The Stryten M-Series AGM200 battery for forklifts.
  • The Stryten 6TAGM transportation battery in military track and wheeled vehicles.

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