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At Stryten Energy, we understand that it takes a solid matrix of partnerships to support the growth of our business. In reality, no business would thrive without strong relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. As a global leader in stored electrical energy solutions, Stryten takes relationships one step further by cultivating partnerships with a diverse group of suppliers, a network which forms the basis of our Supplier Diversity Initiative. Beyond relationships with large or well-established suppliers, Stryten fosters alliances with a diverse group of suppliers capable of accepting the challenges and enjoying the merits of doing business with Stryten today.

Stryten actively seeks qualified suppliers whose products or services can meet or exceed our requirements and add value to our products and services. If your business qualifies as a certified minority-owned business, veteran-owned business, woman-owned business or other qualifying business, we welcome the opportunity to conduct business with you. 


Our mission is to identify and develop qualified, diverse suppliers who add dimension and value to our supply chain.

Our ability to successfully implement this mission is founded on our:

  • Formalized Supplier Program
  • Processes and tools allowing us to execute the program
  • Active, updated supplier reporting and tracking system

If you are interested in doing business with Stryten and participating in our Supplier program, we invite you to complete a registration form.


Please read our guidelines and expectations for our supplier partners.


Please prepare the following documentation BEFORE you proceed to register. 

  1. Company information
  2. Federal Tax ID number or EIN
  3. Contact information
  4. A/P contact information
  5. Company insurance documentation for each policy:
    • Provider
    • Limit
    • Expiration Date
  6. Annual sales for the past year
  7. Primary NAICS Code
  8. Three references
  9. Minority, women-owned, small business or other certification, self-certification where applicable
  10. If you are Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), have your DD Form 214 ready to upload to your registration
  11. Optional geographic service area


Stryten is pleased to collaborate with exceptional supplier partners. Together, we are part of an essential supply chain resulting in innovative stored energy solutions that are helping to solve the world’s energy challenges. 

More information coming soon.

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