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Railway Power

Strength, reliability and longevity are critical for the batteries that support the railway industry. Stryten brings the power needed for railway rolling stock applications and signaling equipment. Innovative power solutions optimize operations and safety.

Why Stryten Batteries for Railway Power?

  • Our team has decades of experience working with the railway industry and understands the industry requirements and delivers exceptional support to our customers. The strength of our team matches the strength of our batteries.
  • Our advanced manufacturing technology results in batteries that can withstand the most demanding conditions and provide the highest performance and battery life.
  • Customer service for our batteries is unmatched. We provide on-site training for our customers to help optimize battery capabilities. If a problem does occur with a battery, our technicians quickly investigate, provide recommendation, repair or replace.
  • Many rail batteries are available immediately through our Quick Ship Program.
  • We believe in American-made products. Our railway power solutions are made in our plants in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Kansas City, Kansas.

Railway Power for Rolling Stock Starting Applications

Our locomotive batteries provide the starting power for Class 1, Regional, Short Lines and Transits. Whether it’s long haul trips across the country or shorter, stop-and-go routes, our rolling stock batteries provide the strength and reliability needed.

Robust Power for Communications, Signaling and Train Control

Powering the modern railway industry involves more than just rolling stock. Innovative Stryten Energy batteries power the many critical applications for the railway industry.

  • Railway Communication and Signaling. Absolyte, AGM155 and AGM180, formerly Marathon FTX, batteries utilize VRLA technology to provide reliable back-up power for communications and signaling systems.
  • IT and Network Operation Centers. Stryten batteries ensure the railroad’s technology and digital system are always online.

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