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Symbasys SwatPack Modular Battery

Stryten’s Symbasys SwatPack is a modular lithium-ion battery system specifically designed for the needs of silent watch on military vehicles. This modular battery system can be adapted to fit a wide variety of vehicle platforms. Each SwatPack is based on a custom manufactured and specially blended lithium-ion battery chemistry that is optimized for silent watch use. Stryten’s proprietary lithium-ion chemistry has been customized to provide the ideal combination of very high cycle life and high energy density in a safe and reliable module.

The SwatPack is designed to meet industry safety requirements (UL 2580) and military standards (MIL-STD 1275D, MIL-STD 810). Multiple modules may be connected together to meet total energy requirements.

military command vehicle

Military command vehicle utilizing the silent watch battery pack comprised of 10 SwatPack batteries.

Scale up or down with the Modular System

Features & Benefits
  • Designed exclusively for silent watch loads that required long-duration sustained use of power over time for critical on-board electronics and power-hungry vehicle variants
  • Modular system that can be scaled up or down to meet unique vehicle power and silent watch requirements
  • Fuel and engine maintenance savings – reduces engine run times saving fuel and saving the vehicle batteries for engine starting
  • Reduces thermal and acoustic signatures to increases stealth and protect vehicle occupants from detection
  • Bolted electrical connections to maximize capacity and resistance to vibration, shock and increase reliability
  • Each SwatPack has a 10-year lifecycle (6500 cycles at 70% End of Life)

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