New Name: 

M-Series F100

Former Name: 

Marathon Classic​

M-Series F100 is a new and improved version of the economical conventional charge battery you’ve come to depend on for your light-to-medium duty applications. Stryten has optimized paste density to extend the life of this battery. As a result, the M-Series F100 can reduce maintenance needs over the life of the battery. It is engineered from the ground up to deliver maximum value and reliability for years to come, making it a great investment in your business. Stryten has built this battery to deliver the best possible value to the customers who rely on us to get the job done. Available in a range of popular sizes — we’re sure to have a M-Series F100 to fit your needs.

Features & Benefits

Long-Term Power

  • Designed to deliver more power for a longer life
  • More positive grid tapered wire “arteries” for better electron flow
  • Purposeful grid design and inset lugs for low-resistance power
  • Optimized corrosion radius for efficiency

Built for Durability

  • Thermo-bonded cover to jar seal to provide protection against leakage
  • Wavy “S” rib design fixes separator in place for no movement even in heavy vibration applications
  • Separators mix the electrolyte efficiently, minimize plate exposure, and help prevent shorts
  • Tray paint is powder coated for durability
  • High positive paste density and interconnected crystal structure for extreme durability and resistance to failure

Quick Ship Program
Stryten maintains inventory of our most popular battery models available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. When customers need batteries right away, Stryten will ship within 72 hours of receipt of their order from the nearest Customer Distribution Center at no extra charge.

Stryten quick ship program

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