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Medium-Duration Energy Storage

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

A Dynamic Solution in the Transition to Sustainable Clean Energy

Stryten Energy’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a dynamic solution in the next step of the transition to clean energy capture and usage. With multiple battery chemistries, including hybrid options, Stryten Energy’s BESS seamlessly integrates renewable sources into your power mix, ensuring stable and dependable back-up power.

Empower your energy infrastructure for a reliable and sustainable future.

Proudly built in the U.S.A. 

Battery vs. Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

How is a BESS different from a more traditional battery?

Traditional batteries can be individual cells or aggregated into packs, racks or modules that are interconnected to meet the power and energy rating of the application. They may also include a battery management system with a charger. The charger typically allows current to flow in a single direction, i.e. from the grid into the battery for charging.

A BESS is built using traditional batteries, but adds additional components and software to allow the system to interconnect with a grid or microgrid. BESS includes a bi-directional charger, with current flowing into the battery for charging and out of the battery to power the grid. If the BESS is connected to an AC grid, a bi-directional inverter is also required.

BESS can also include additional components or functions such as an enclosure, thermal control system, grid monitoring/interconnection hardware and energy management systems.

Suggested Applications
  • Back-up systems   
  • EV charging stations/next gen gas stations   
  • Microgrids 
  • Renewables integration 
  • Utility bill cost control (peak demand reduction, arbitrage, etc.) 
  • Energy trading markets 
  • Critical power support/resiliency (maybe detail on your back-up systems) 
multiple chemistries

One size does not fit all. Stryten offers BESS with advanced lead, vanadium or a hybrid of battery chemistries. With this range of technologies available, you receive the optimal solution for your unique needs.

BESS Features & Benefits
  • Grid Resilience: The BESS acts as a crucial grid support tool, providing rapid response capabilities to mitigate fluctuations, stabilize voltage and enhance overall grid resilience.
  • Renewable Integration: Seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources into your power mix. Our BESS stores excess energy during periods of high renewable generation and releases it when demand peaks, ensuring a balanced and sustainable energy supply.
  • Demand Management: Optimize energy consumption with intelligent demand management. The BESS enables load shifting, peak shaving and demand response, allowing for cost savings and efficient energy utilization. 
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Designed with scalability in mind, our BESS can be sized for the needs of a wide range of applications – from commercial and industrial to utility scale. In addition, BESS easily supports future expansion to meet evolving power and energy storage requirements.
  • Reliable Backup Power: Safeguard against power outages with the BESS acting as a dependable backup power source. Ensure continuous operation of critical infrastructure and applications when traditional power sources falter.
  • Smart Monitoring and Control: Benefit from real-time monitoring and control capabilities. Our BESS incorporates intelligent management systems for seamless operation and optimization, putting you in control of your energy ecosystem autonomously, from anywhere in the world with a secure internet connection. The Stryten Energy inCOMMAND™ platform has the flexibility to monitor and manage a single BESS or multiple BESS.
  • Environmental Impact: Contribute to a more sustainable future. By reducing reliance on non-renewable resources and optimizing energy usage, our BESS aligns with environmental sustainability goals. 

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