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Stryten Energy inCOMMANDTM

Former Name: 

GNB Cloud For Motive Power

Energy Performance Management Software

inCOMMAND is an energy performance management software tool that makes it easy to not only design and deploy web-connected battery and charger solutions, but also manage your fleet’s on-going performance. From choosing the right battery and charger solution to controlling and optimizing your fleet performance, inCOMMAND gives you complete control and comprehensive visibility right from your computer. 

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Choosing And Managing Your Battery And Charger Solution

Advances in motive power technology have made electric fleets the choice for material handling environments. But how do you choose from all of the different battery and charger solutions? What KPIs should you track to get the most out of them? And how can you best manage these systems across multiple sites? inCOMMAND makes all of this easy. 

It all starts with choosing the right motive power system. inCOMMAND leverages real fleet data so that multiple motive power options can be compared, enabling the best solution to be designed for your unique environment. InCOMMAND’s Manage and Monitor modules enable full visibility into your fleet giving you the data you need to optimize performance. 

Features & Benefits

inCOMMAND is scalable to meet the needs of each unique customer, and it can be used by organizations managing any number of assets, whether in one location or across hundreds of sites. An intuitive front-end interface combines with powerful backend tools to provide real-time data and give users control over their batteries and chargers. 

Key Components
  • inCOMMAND Gateway: 
    The Gateway gathers information and provides high-level analytics so users can clearly see which batteries and chargers are healthy, and which ones are not. The Gateway also allows users to view configurations, manage settings and troubleshoot issues online.
  • inCOMMAND PowerLogger:
    The PowerLogger is a lead battery sensor that interfaces between chargers and Stryten Energy inCOMMAND™ to create a closed-loop communication channel between the battery and charger.

4 Linked Modules

inCOMMAND consists of four modules with data shared across them. Together they form a powerful platform for dealers and end users to design and manage advanced motive power solutions.

Baseline your vehicle’s energy requirements and operational readiness for advanced motive power solutions. This module results in an in-depth energy profile of your fleet, including peak and average energy usage, charge time optimization, and other data for system design.

Using data obtained from the Measure module, various combinations of batteries and charger systems are modeled to simulate impact on operational and financial performance and determine the best solution for your environment. This modeling will look at lead vs. lithium, charge strategy optimization, and sensitivity to growth and missed charge time. 

With inCOMMAND’s Manage module, batteries and chargers can all be viewed and managed from your online dashboard to ensure optimal performance. Capabilities include asset location tracking, charger configuration management, and connectivity troubleshooting. 

Optimize the long-term performance of your motive power fleet with actionable data including KPI history to drive best practices, energy usage reports for Power by the Hour, and battery location tracking for multi-site customers and rental fleets.

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