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M-Series X-7 Motive Power Chargers Offer Flexibility and Efficiency


Efficient battery usage and charging are a key concerns for any company, but they are absolutely critical for those with three-shift, 24-hour operations.

You need to eliminate downtime while charging your lift truck fleet’s batteries as quickly and efficiently as possible. Above all, you want to increase employee safety and use financial resources wisely.

Stryten’s lineup of M-Series motive power chargers accomplishes those goals and more. M-Series chargers combine power, quality and flexibility to provide a robust charging solution for any type of operation while meeting the demands of the toughest fleets.

Why Choose M-Series Motive Power Chargers?

M-Series chargers communicate with Stryten Energy’s inCOMMAND power management software which means we monitor key data points from your batteries in real-time. By analyzing that information and making adjustments accordingly, we can help you save money, increase uptime and enhance safety.

Chargers react to changes in battery temperature and voltage. If a battery’s temperature rises, the charger will automatically adjust the charge rate to maintain an ideal temperature.

Proprietary anti-arc technology strengthens protection against accidental hot disconnects and allows up to a 30 percent start rate without auxiliary pins. An advanced multi-voltage modular design can be configured to multiple power levels. 

The M-Series X-7 line is available in 480VAC Three Phase or 208VAC – 240VAC Three Phase configurations for facilities with lower power infrastructures. 

In addition, M-Series motive power chargers can be configured for standard, opportunity or fast charging – whatever your operation requires. High redundancy means if one module in the configuration fails, others will continue operating without interruption.

With intelligent charging technology, historical battery performance and charge data are analyzed to provide a rapid, efficient recharge while maximizing battery life.

Servicing the M-Series charger line is simple and seamless. Modules can be replaced in minutes using hand tools. Algorithmic module rotation eliminates the need for additional maintenance, and the display screen allows charging status and errors to be viewed easily from a distance. 

What Can X-7 Chargers Help You Accomplish?
  • Eliminate battery charge downtime, saving countless hours of productivity each week.
  • Reduce energy consumption by more than 10 percent by eliminating daily overcharges.
  • Limit finish and equalization charging to once per week, dramatically reducing a battery’s release of hydrogen, or gassing.
  • Greatly reduce the risk of employee accidents by eliminating the need to change batteries that can weigh up to two tons. By removing the need for this dangerous and difficult task, you’ll make your operation inherently safer.
Other Benefits of Fast-Charging M-Series X-7 Chargers:
  • Existing battery charge equipment can be retired, resulting in cost savings.
  • Batteries never leave the truck with fast charging, so your battery inventory and maintenance can be reduced by 66 percent.
  • Attendants will no longer need to be trained to use charging equipment, which will decrease workplace accidents.
  • Battery room attendants can be reassigned to other roles, leading to reduced labor costs.

Any type of high-demand, multi-shift operation – manufacturing, beverage and bottling plants, cold storage, warehouse and distribution centers, lumber and paper plants – can benefit from the M-Series line of fast-charging solutions. Look no further than Stryten’s motive power chargers for your smart-charging needs. For more information, visit

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