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Flooded Battery (EFB)

Enhanced Flooded Battery cutaway

Advanced Technology for Durability and Long Life

Stryten Energy’s EFB is built to withstand the increased electrical demands of today’s vehicles, including start-stop and hybrid technologies. It is engineered to outlast conventional flooded batteries, providing superior heat protection and improved charge acceptance.

Manufactured in North America, our EFB features unique advancements in transportation battery technology.

Features & Benefits

LifeGrid™ Technology calcium/lead alloy punched-grid plates that provide maintenance-free performance, consistent power and enhanced durability.

Reinforced Pasting using glass veil technology provides added plate protection for 2x the cycle life of a competing flooded battery.

SureLife™ Graphite Technology provides greater dynamic charge acceptance for faster recharge.

ErgoLock™ Manifold Cover provides 2x better venting and superior leak resistance with centralized vent ports that prevent acid leakage up to a 45-degree tilt.

ErgoLock™ Handle is a full-grip ergonomic design that neatly lies flat within the cover and can carry up to 3x the battery weight.

Fuel efficiency for start-stop technology and ample power for on-board entertainment and safety features.

Able to withstand high under-hood temperatures and cold weather starting capability.

Average capacity output 50% greater than Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery.

95% of Stryten’s EFB materials come from recycled sources and our superior power for start-stop technology is helping lower emissions.

Claims made versus conventional flooded batteries.

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