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Glass Mat (AGM)

absorbed glass mat battery

Maximized Energy Capacity for Today's Drivers

Stryten’s AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery is designed to maximize energy capacity for today’s on-the-go drivers. The lasting energy provided by Stryten’s AGM protects against battery failure, helping vehicle batteries stay strong and perform like new longer. Advanced grid technology paired with glass mat separators retains initial capacity for lasting power for vehicle safety and entertainment features along with start-stop technology.

Features & Benefits
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are designed to offer additional cycle life and spill-proof performance. These are batteries can be used as a direct replacement for vehicles that came from the factory (OE) with an AGM battery
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) components hold electrolyte in place with highly compressed fine glass fiber mats delivering spill-proof* performance.
  • Highly engineered alloy is specially designed to resist corrosion and maximize battery life, even under extreme operating conditions.
  • Specialized valve system prevents evaporation and dry-out, for longer battery life.
  • Recessed handle allows for easy installation, even on its side.**

*Under normal operating conditions.
**Inverted not recommended

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