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Stryten Energy to Emphasize Increasing Market Opportunities for Enhanced Flooded Battery Technology at AAPEX 2023

market opportunities for EFB
Nearly 30% of new start-stop vehicles sold in the U.S. come equipped with an EFB.
Learn more about the EFB advantages at the Stryten Energy booth.

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 26, 2023 – Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, will feature its Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology along with its full lineup of energy storage solutions for the automotive aftermarket at AAPEX 2023. The annual event takes place October 31 -November 2 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas.

Stryten Energy’s EFB brings tremendous growth opportunities to the automotive aftermarket industry. According to the EPA, half of new vehicles produced in the year 2021 included start-stop technology. Today, it is estimated that nearly 30% of new vehicles sold in the U.S. with start-stop technology now come equipped with EFB, and this trend is projected to increase year over year.

EFB technology provides energy to run modern vehicles’ electrical load demands repeatedly without significantly impacting the battery’s performance. For start-stop systems, the battery provides the electrical energy to support vehicle functions during the stop portion of the drive cycle. For this system to work properly, the battery must be resilient during partial state of charge cycling, as well as have an enhanced charge acceptance capability.

“Batteries need more energy to support start-stop technology, alongside the conveniences and advanced safety features in vehicles today,” said Bill Nonnamaker, Vice President of Sales, Transportation for Stryten Energy. “As vehicle power demands continue to evolve, choosing the right battery will become even more important. The Stryten EFB is specifically designed to resist the kind of cycling-related failures associated with the increased electrical demands of modern vehicles.”

Independent third-party testing found that Stryten Energy’s EFB offers three times the cycle life and twice the charge acceptance compared to standard flooded batteries. Additional tests also showed Stryten Energy’s EFB technology:

  • Yields more than two times the cycle life of a competing premium flooded battery.
  • Contains a more robust alloy for higher heat tolerance at a lower grid thickness.
  • Has an average capacity output 50% greater than Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) for an equally sized battery.
  • Outperforms AGM in under-hood applications for vehicles equipped with a flooded battery from the factory, given its greater energy availability, increased battery life and high heat tolerance.

Stop by Booth #2620 to see Stryten Energy’s transportation technologies in action, view its EFB explainer video and meet with company experts.

Additionally, in lieu of giveaways, Stryten Energy will make a $100 donation (up to $10,000) to the University of the Aftermarket Foundation for every selfie taken with the Stryten Jeep at the booth. The University of the Aftermarket Foundation funds scholarships and educational grants to help talented individuals maximize their career potential in the automotive aftermarket industry.

“We appreciate the creative way that Stryten Energy is supporting the University of the Aftermarket Foundation and encourage all AAPEX attendees to visit booth 2620 to take a selfie,” said Bob Egan, MAAP, chairman, University of the Aftermarket Foundation. “Education and training are critical for those who develop and service new technologies. We thank Stryten Energy for their generous support of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation and its mission of education.”

Stryten Energy is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its AAPEX 2023 presence. As part of its sustainability pledge, the company has implemented the use of LED lighting and will be powering down the booth during non-show hours for more efficient energy use. Additionally, QR Codes will be used in place of printed literature to minimize paper waste and branded plastic water bottles have been replaced with a water cooler and recycled cups.

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