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Stryten Energy Is Advancing Georgia’s Clean Energy Industry with Innovative Battery Technologies

Skyline view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, including the Mercedes-Benz stadium.

Stryten Energy is helping to create a domestic supply chain that will contribute to job growth and economic development.

It is an exciting time to be a clean energy technology company, especially in Georgia. Tax credits, grants and investments in the workforce are creating high-quality manufacturing jobs through the clean energy supply chain.   

The state of Georgia is second in the nation in clean energy investments, with projects worth $23.12 billion and creating almost 29,500 jobs. Since the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law were passed, clean energy companies have announced more than 271,713 new jobs in 47 states, representing over $352 billion in new investments. This law includes vital Investment Tax Credits for domestically sourced and manufactured standalone clean energy storage intended to lower costs, increase energy efficiency and strengthen energy security for America. 

Leading the Way to Energy Independence 

Stryten Energy, headquartered in Georgia, offers advanced lead, lithium, vanadium redox flow or a hybrid of battery chemistries. With this range of technologies available, customers receive the optimal solution for their application and energy storage duration requirements. Stryten’s battery technology strategy and investments continue to innovate, build and strengthen U.S. manufacturing and material supply chains for lead, lithium and vanadium batteries to ensure they are sustainable for years to come. 

“The path to energy independence in the United States begins in Georgia. Stryten Energy is helping to create a domestic supply chain that will contribute to job growth and economic development,” said Scott Childers, Vice President, Essential Power. “Domestic manufacturing of battery energy storage systems is a crucial part of creating a future of cleaner, abundant energy while ensuring energy security and resiliency for businesses, consumers and the country.”  

At the 2024 Georgia Technology Summit, Stryten Energy was recognized as a Top 10 Innovative Company in Georgia by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). This annual program recognizes Georgia-based companies of all sizes for their contributions to innovation and economic growth within the state’s technology sector.  

In his opening remarks, Governor Brian Kemp declared March 28 as Georgia Technology and Innovation Day. “We know that Georgia’s technology industry and [our] innovative culture are essential parts of our continued economic success,” Kemp said.  

Melissa Floyd, Vice President, Communications and Digital Marketing, delivered an overview of Stryten Energy to attendees that highlighted the exciting work Stryten is doing to contribute to the transition to clean energy.  

“Georgia has long been known as a leader in software technology, but today there is a shift toward investments in standing-up manufacturing plants that produce batteries, solar panels, EVs and other next-generation technologies. Stryten Energy is proud to be a part of the growing energy ecosystem that is centered in the southeast and concentrated in Georgia,” said Floyd.  

Breaking Ground on Innovative Projects 

Georgia ranks among the top 10 states in the nation in total energy consumption, and U.S. power consumption is projected to triple by 2050. To meet the increasing demand for energy, production from renewable energy sources will need to scale up 9-13 times in the next 30 years.  

Stryten Energy is at the forefront, advancing energy storage in Georgia with a wide range of projects. In August 2023, Stryten Energy installed a VRFB system with Snapping Shoals EMC, a non-profit electric cooperative. The opportunity to test flow battery technology in a utility setting is extremely valuable for future R&D and scaling up to megawatt-hour systems and serves as a proof point for this emerging LDES technology. This project is the first VRFB energy storage system manufactured and installed in Georgia.    

Stryten plans for this installation to be the first of many as it helps the state prepare for future energy demands. A lead battery energy storage (BESS) project is already underway for VICARS Community Center, connecting the BESS to a new microgrid, solar array and the legacy power grid. This resilience hub will provide neighbors with a location where they can safely gather in the aftermath of a power outage or severe weather event. Groundbreaking for this project is scheduled for April 30, 2024.    

Stryten Energy is collaborating with the Georgia Tech Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory (CNES) to fine-tune its advanced battery technology. A lead BESS and a VRFB BESS are being placed at CNES to be a “living laboratory” to further develop the products and applications. Another project will target solar arrays plus BESS microgrids for EV Charging Stations, providing support for sustainability and resiliency on the Georgia Tech campus.    

Through these innovative projects, Stryten Energy is helping shape the future of energy storage technology in Georgia that will be important on a national scale for U.S. energy independence and security. 

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