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Stryten Energy Components Division Launched to Serve the Battery Industry’s Growing Need for Engineered Components

The Division Provides the Plastic Injection Molded Battery Components and Terminals Critical to the Growth of U.S. Energy Storage Manufacturing Capabilities.

LAS VEGAS, November 1, 2022 – Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, announced at AAPEX 2022 the launch of Stryten Energy Components. This new division provides engineered-to-order battery components for lead, lithium, flow and other emerging battery technologies for the automotive and industrial markets.

“Stryten Energy’s Components division has invested in automation in each of our four facilities to enhance quality, productivity and service to all of our customers,” said Jeremy Furr, Components Division Leader for Stryten Energy. “These investments have helped us scale up our operations to provide the U.S.-manufactured and sourced components required for the emerging domestic battery market.”

Stryten Energy Components provides quality, cost-effective, engineered plastic components from natural and recycled polypropylene, including battery containers, covers, vents, handles and terminal protectors. Its cold-formed lead battery terminals are designed to prevent corrosion and utilize a patented SuperLock terminal to provide superior sealing. Value-added technical services and expertise help customers with product development, design, mold making and injection molding processing. 

“We have seen an increase in market demand for critical battery components in the U.S. and internationally,” said Furr. “We are continuing to invest in our Stryten Energy Component plants to expand our product offering and the availability of our products to serve international customers.”

Stryten Energy Components includes a combination of the company’s and its subsidiaries’ existing custom plastic injection molded battery component operations with the recent acquisition of Tulip Richardson Manufacturing’s plastic injection molding, lead terminal and reprocessed polypropylene operations. The division has manufacturing facilities in Lampeter, PA; Columbus, IN; Niagara Falls, NY; and Milwaukee, WI. 

To learn more about Stryten Energy Components, visit the Stryten Energy Booth #2620 at AAPEX 2022 or

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