New Name: 

M-Series EHY

Former Name: 

EHY Series Industrial Chargers​

The M-Series EHY family of industrial chargers include the latest software-controller heavy duty chargers for conventional charging applications. They are controlled by a central microprocessor, complete with an intelligent, alphanumeric display and keypad.

Features & Benefits
  • Energy Savings
    The M-Series EHY Series offers very-high energy efficiency with software-defined charge control for flooded-cell industrial batteries. Many models are compliant with California Energy Commission guidelines.
  • Ultra-Filtered Output Current
    When used with lead-acid batteries, the ultra-filtered output current and unique control algorithm ensure a perfect mixing of the electrolyte to reduce water consumption and temperature rise.
  • Various Parameters
    The display can query many charger parameters, including: charge history logger, audible alarms, and programmable real-time clock and calendar.

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