New Name: 

M-Series CC

Former Name: 

CC Constant Charger​

The automatic M-Series CC Charger is perfect for charging several different battery sizes and configurations. With a constant current to the battery of 28 amps, it is an ideal choice for a universal ferroresonant charger when several batteries of different cell and amp-hour sizes are being charged.

Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for Rental Fleets or as Shop Charger
    With the M-Series CC Charger’s flexibility, it is no longer necessary to stock all the charger-size variations that tie up money and cause logistical problems.
  • Plugs Into Any 120VAC Outlet
    The Constant Current Charger’s wheel-around configuration (optional) makes this the ideal shop charger for a unit that provides the maximum output current possible from a 120-volt/15-amp receptacle.
  • Versatility
    This versatile charger has the ability to maintain a constant DC output current (+/- 1% at nominal line voltage) regardless of the number of cells connected (up to 24 cells).
  • Multiple Models
    Models include: CCS2/24-28C1 (standard control), CCS2/24-28C1MT (mechanical timer control), LS2/24-28C1 (standard control/wheeled cart), LS2/24-28C1MT (mechanical timer control/wheeled cart).

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