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Measuring Motive Power Performance: What KPIs are Right For You?

How are you measuring motive power performance? What key performance indicators (KPIs) should you track to get the most productivity out of your lift trucks? What metrics are needed by each department? How can you best manage these systems across multiple sites? 

Using an energy performance management software allows you to measure the relevant motive power performance criteria and helps ensure your fleet stays connected and configured correctly. And depending on your role, the data collected can be specific to your needs, whether you are a fleet manager, service technician or asset manager.

Fleet Managers 

Fleet managers are concerned with one thing when it comes to measuring motive power performance – making sure their forklifts have the power they need to get through the day. For example, if operators are not following procedures for charging, this needs to be flagged. Actionable data needs to be pushed to the fleet manager to ensure uninterrupted operation. Real-time dashboards that allow alerts to be sent are the best data tools for this audience.

Service Technicians 

Service personnel want to see different KPIs to understand the health of the battery. For example, a low voltage alarm may indicate that a cell needs replacing. It may not affect operation today, but it could cause a failure soon so action is required. Service technicians need to be alerted remotely so they can schedule a service call. Real-time dashboards with drill-down capability for troubleshooting are the best tool for this audience.

Asset Managers 

Asset managers are interested in maximizing battery life to ensure optimal return on investment. They want to make sure their teams are doing all they can, so the battery lasts a good long time. If, for example, operators are consistently missing scheduled equalization charges, this information can be used for future training. Battery health dashboards that summarize this data across time are the best tools for measuring motive power performance for this audience.

The Right Information at the Right Time 

Understanding your lift truck battery data is the key to getting the most performance and life out of your motive power investment. Whether you are using lead or lithium-ion batteries, this information gives you critical insights so you get the maximum performance out of your fleet. 

Stryten Energy’s inCOMMAND performance management software measures motive power performance and provides actionable data for your fleet managers, service technicians and asset managers in a comprehensive package that is easy to deploy. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build the best motive power system and also establish the right KPIs for measuring motive power performance.

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