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Stryten Releases New Research Comparing Automotive Battery Technologies

Understanding the performance capabilities of battery designs can help consumers choose the right battery for their vehicle. 

Alpharetta, Georgia, June 7, 2022 – Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, is challenging the idea that all premium batteries perform at the same level. An in-depth analysis conducted by an independent third-party research company evaluated the performance of the Stryten Energy Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) compared to the Stryten Energy SLI and a competing premium flooded battery.

“Today’s vehicles require advanced battery technology that can power key systems that make them safer and increase fuel efficiency,” said Bill Nonnamaker, Vice President of Sales, Transportation. “Stryten’s EFB offers the high levels of performance and battery life necessary to meet these demands.” 

Automotive Batteries Tested

The chosen batteries for testing were the L3/H6 type: 

  • Stryten EFB: L3/H6 : 750 CCA / 120 RC/ 74 AH
  • Stryten SLI: L3/H6: 750 CCA / 133 RC / 70 AH
  • Competing Premium Flooded Battery:  L3/ H6 : 730 CCA/ 120 RC 
Comparing Flooded Battery Technologies Chart
Tests Conducted 

The testing subjected three samples of each battery type to the SAE j2801 cycle life test and EN50342-6 17.5% depth of discharge (DoD) cycle life test respectively. 

The SAE j2801 test is the industry standard high temperature (75°C) life cycle test for SLI batteries and is designed to simulate battery usage in a standard internal combustion vehicle application. 

The EN50342-6 / 17.5% DoD is an industry-standard partial state of charge and micro cycling life cycle test focused on Start/Stop and vehicles with additional power demands. Including the partial state of charge testing in the comparison was intended to better address the changing power needs of modern vehicles.

Test Results
Flooded Batteries Test Results Chart2

The results show that Stryten EFB has superior performance over competing premium flooded batteries:

  • Meets the additional depth of discharge requirements for vehicles with Start-Stop functionality
  • Yields higher heat tolerance with a unique grid design 

The Stryten EFB product excelled on the 17.5% DoD partial state of charge test yielding 2X+ the cycle life of either the competing premium flooded battery or the Stryten SLI. The Stryten EFB was equal to the competing premium flooded battery on the high-temperature j2801 cycle life test and both were 25% greater than the Stryten SLI. 

Further tear down indicates that the competing premium battery utilizes a relatively thick grid as compared to their standard product to achieve the improved SAE j2801 performance. The Stryten grid also offers a thicker than standard grid, but additionally pairs this with a more robust grid alloy to provide even more heat protection on a grid thickness basis.

Although the competing premium flooded battery addresses and improves upon the high-temperature life aspect compared to standard type SLI designs, it does not address cycling failure modes or Start-Stop functionality. 

The Stryten EFB provides a solution for all of these. Stryten Enhanced Flooded Batteries are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern vehicles by combatting the fastest-growing causes of premature battery failure.

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Stryten Energy helps solve the world’s most pressing energy challenges with a broad range of energy storage solutions across the Essential Power, Motive Power, Transportation, Military and Government sectors. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, we partner with some of the world’s most recognized companies to meet the growing demand for reliable and sustainable energy storage capacity. Stryten powers everything from submarines to subcompacts, microgrids,  warehouses, distribution centers, cars, trains and trucks. Our stored energy technologies include advanced lead, lithium and vanadium redox flow batteries, intelligent chargers and energy performance management software that keep people on the move and supply chains running. An industry leader backed by more than a century of expertise, Stryten has The Energy to Challenge the status quo and deliver top-performing energy solutions for today and tomorrow. Learn more at

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