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MFG Day 2022: Manufacturing Careers in the Battery Industry

careers in manufacturing

Manufacturing careers are in abundance. There are nearly 2.6 million open jobs in manufacturing in the United States today. Unfortunately, manufacturers across the country are facing a shortage of skilled workers. Many people may not realize these jobs are available. Others may not have a favorable view of manufacturing careers. 

As part of Manufacturing Day 2022, this article will provide information about manufacturing careers and the fact that they are nothing like they used to be. Manufacturing is a vital industry, filled with a variety of positions to challenge almost anyone. Manufacturing companies are investing in modern systems, web-based applications and advanced machinery. They need engineers, technicians and equipment operators to keep domestic supply chains moving. 

The Battery Industry is Essential and in High Demand

More than ever, companies and consumers are focused on clean energy and sustainability. The battery industry is continuously evolving. New strategies are developed to meet the needs of our customers while providing reliable power solutions with high levels of domestically sourced recycled materials. 

At Stryten Energy, we deliver premium energy storage solutions that power everything from microgrids and telecom networks to warehouses and distribution centers to cars, trains and trucks. We work with customers in practically every industrial sector, including material handling, automotive retail, railway, military and more. We believe the future of energy storage will involve next-generation battery technology. Stryten offers advanced lead, lithium and vanadium solutions to meet our customers’ evolving energy needs.

Our Industry is a Model for Sustainability 

The circular economy is a model for others working toward the sustainability of their manufacturing, distribution and recycling processes. Lead batteries have a 99 percent recycling rate, the highest of any consumer product. Recycling keeps more than 130 million lead batteries out of landfills.

In this closed-loop process, batteries are manufactured, used, collected, recycled and then manufactured again. Over 90 percent of domestic lead battery demand is met by companies like Stryten Energy that are based in North America. 

In addition, U.S. battery manufacturers overall source about 73 percent of the needed lead from domestic lead battery recycling. At Stryten, nearly 100 percent recycled lead to manufacture new batteries. The cycle never ends, and it creates a level of sustainability unseen in other industries. 

Manufacturing Careers Offer New Challenges to Job Seekers.
Are You Ready?

The lead battery industry provides nearly 25,000 direct jobs in 38 states. Starting wages in manufacturing are typically higher than local minimum wage levels. On average, manufacturing workers in the lead battery industry earn $64,000. And more than half of those available jobs don’t require a four-year college degree or the debt that goes with it.

Stryten Energy has 11 manufacturing plants across the United States. Our 2,500 employees have a strong work ethic and take great pride in helping keep people on the move and supply chains running. They are dependable, with industry-leading manufacturing expertise and experience. Their contributions are integral to achieving energy independence and resiliency for America. 

If you’d like to learn more about manufacturing careers in the future of batteries and energy storage, visit our Careers page.

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