Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Long-Duration Storage for Renewable Energy Sources

With the cost-effective, long-duration energy storage provided by Stryten’s vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB), excess power generated from renewable energy sources can be stored until needed—providing constantly reliable electricity throughout the day and night. Without storage, renewable electricity must be used the moment it is generated.

The VRFB is uniquely suited for applications that require medium- to long-duration energy storage from 4 to 12 hours. Examples include microgrids, utility-scale storage, data centers and military bases.

Also, renewable energy generation provides an opportunity for individual isolated or remote users who can operate with (or independently from) a central power grid. Local renewable power sources can be integrated with our long-duration flow batteries to effectively manage the needs of a single building, a neighborhood, an office park or a village.

Microgrids can provide a partial solution to the local power needs, or produce enough energy to satisfy demand and also return power to the regular grid.

Flow Battery: The Ideal Solution for Long Duration Power Needs

Stryten’s advanced vanadium redox flow battery provides the perfect blend of economy, features, performance and reliability. The ideal essential power solution for long-duration power needs.

Features & Benefits
  • Unlimited cycle life with proper maintenance
  • Stable capacity to last the life of deployment
  • Cycle life stable in temperatures up to 50°C
  • Cost-effective discharge time greater than 6 hours
  • Aggressive charge and discharge tolerant
  • Insignificant self-discharge
  • Scalable from kWh to MWh
  • Fast response time (ms range)
  • Non-flammable electrolyte and other materials
Suggested Applications
  • Long-term energy shifting
  • Peak shaving
  • Stack services, energy shifting
  • Eliminate renewable curtailment
  • Critical load protections
  • Ancillary services

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