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New Name: 

E-Series MCT

Former Name: 

Flooded Classic MCT

E-Series MCT 2-volt and 4-volt batteries are industry-proven power solutions for telecommunications and other long-duration discharge applications.

  • Nominal Capacity Range: 192 – 480 amp-hours @ 77°F / 25°C
  • Design Life: 20 years @ 77°F / 25°C
  • Float Voltage: 2.17 VPC – 2.25 VPC (1.215 specific gravity)
  • Flat-plate flooded design with lead-calcium alloy
  • Fully recyclable
Features & Benefits

High-Quality Premium Plastics

  • Heavy-duty container (ABS) and (SAN) cover plastics offered in single-cell and multi-cell configurations.

Superior Terminal Post Design

  • Two 1-inch square lead posts per cell aid access for maintenance and battery health assessment tools.
  • Dual seal (O-ring and flat-gasket) design helps prevent acid creep into the post area.

Ease of Safety and Maintenance

  • Electrolyte level lines on all container faces.
  • Combination flash arrester/fill funnel for each cell.
  • Electrolyte withdrawal sampling tubes permit accurate specific gravity readings.

Reliable Circuitry

  • Industry-proven ferroresonant circuitry protects against battery overcharge and incorrect battery connections.

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