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Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are Designed for Start-Stop Vehicles

EFB for start-stop vehicles

Stryten Energy Enhanced Flooded Batteries are designed to meet the needs of modern vehicles.   

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are increasingly becoming the battery of choice for car manufacturers due to their long cycle life and superior performance in high heat conditions under the hood of the car.

Nearly 30 percent of the new start-stop vehicles sold in the U.S. come equipped with an EFB. That number is growing as start-stop technology is becoming the standard in many modern vehicles.  

Choosing the Right Replacement Battery for Start-Stop Vehicles

For start-stop systems, the battery provides the electrical energy to support vehicle functions during the stop portion of the drive cycle. For the system to work properly, the battery must be resilient during partial state of charge cycling, as well as have an enhanced charge acceptance capability. 

An EFB is a flooded lead battery with enhanced cycling capability and charge recovery compared to standard flooded starter batteries. EFB batteries are designed to meet the standards for SLI batteries, plus the additional requirements for vehicles with the capability to automatically switch off the engine during vehicle operation while in a standstill or moving (start-stop technology), as well as the capability to recover braking energy or energy from other sources.  

The design features of an EFB allow the battery to provide energy to run the electrical load demands of highly computerized vehicles over and over again without the fear of significant performance decay. EFB batteries do not have to be at the top of their charge to provide this energy. EFB also provides for an accelerated recharge after a discharge event, as seen under real world stop-and-go driving. This ensures that the battery is taking full advantage of every charging opportunity. 

Providing a Better Experience for Consumers 

As vehicle power demands continue to evolve with increased computerization, choosing the right battery will become even more important. Starting the engine, in combination with supply to other electrical equipment, requires high peaks of power and a variable power drain. 

Stryten Energy Enhanced Flooded Batteries are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern vehicles by combatting the fastest-growing causes of premature battery failure, while also saving fuel and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Comparing EFB Performance to Other Battery Types  

Stryten Energy has commissioned independent studies to compare its EFB to Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), as well as Advance Flooded Battery (AFB) and Robust Batteries.  

To measure mid-depth cycling resilience, the studies performed a 17.5 percent Depth of Discharge Test. This test is a standard partial state of charge and micro cycling life cycle test focused on start-stop technology and vehicles with additional power demands.   

The total average capacity output of the Stryten EFB was 50 percent greater than AGM for an equally sized battery. This finding indicates EFB not only can yield as many cycles as AGM, but can also hold its total capacity to a higher level without decay. The Stryten EFB also yielded more than two times the cycle life of the competing premium flooded battery. This allows a faster return to a higher state of charge after deeper cycling.

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