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Comparing Flat-Plate and Tubular Motive Power Batteries 

Forklifts are a common sight across a wide variety of industries. The expanding e-commerce industry is leading to an increase in the number of warehouses and distribution centers. At the same time, companies are focusing on lowering operational costs and improving productivity.   

For many organizations, cost and performance are the top considerations for the batteries they select to power their forklift fleets. There are two types of motive power lead batteries: flat-plate and tubular. Each battery solution should be carefully weighed to find the best fit for your company’s requirements. In this blog, we are comparing flat-plate and tubular motive power batteries to help in your decision making.

Flat-Plate Motive Power Batteries

Flat-plate batteries utilize an enhanced grid lead alloy to hold the active material and facilitate electrical conduction. The rectilinear grid offers good conductivity that provides power when needed.  For many standard applications, flat-plate batteries are a cost-effective solution.  

The M-Series F110 premium flat plate batteries are designed to deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability with the highest flat plate cycle performance warranty in the industry. An innovative design with 10 percent more active material than previously used increases paste weight, reduces stress during discharge and provides superior performance. Stryten Energy has optimized paste density to extend the life of this battery using a proprietary curing process.   

The M-Series F100 is a new and improved version of the economical conventional charge battery for light-to-medium duty applications.   The specific gravity in each cell is developed to increase the life and performance of the battery. The F100 is engineered from the ground up to deliver maximum value and reliability.   

Tubular Motive Power Batteries 

Tubular batteries utilize several long spines of lead surrounded by active material to facilitate electrical conduction, with the paste held in place by a special fabric called a gauntlet. These batteries have more material efficiency, resulting in either more amp hours (Ah) in the same box or more headspace with a longer watering interval with the same Ah. The tubular battery offers greater power density, capacity and life compared to flat-plate, and will operate better in harsh applications, such as high heat conditions, cold storage or extreme weights.       

The M-Series T310 low maintenance batteries give you the best choice for power, performance, cost, and reduced maintenance for your medium to heavy duty lift truck applications. Watering Intervals can be extended from 1 week to 12 weeks when used in certain applications.* 

The M-Series T330 batteries deliver maximum power in the same size container, with up to 18% more capacity than conventional flooded batteries. Engineered for heavy duty applications, T330 batteries not only deliver longer run times, but also maintain higher voltages for faster speeds and quicker lifts. 

Selecting the Right Battery 

So how do you choose which battery is the right fit for your motive power fleet? A power study examines a sample of fleet data taken over a few weeks with the emphasis on energy usage and time to charge. Using this information, motive power professionals are able to select the battery and charger solutions that are optimal for your operation. 

Stryten Energy inCOMMAND™ is energy performance management software that makes it easy to not only design and deploy web-connected battery and charger solutions, but also manage your fleet’s on-going performance. From choosing the right battery and charger solution to controlling and optimizing your fleet performance, inCOMMAND gives you complete control and comprehensive visibility right from your computer. 


*Applications in 60-90°F and low maintenance charging profile available on select M-Series charger lines. Consult your Stryten Energy representative for details. 

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