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Why Are Power Studies So Hard To Conduct?

GNB Cloud Measure

Getting our dealers and end users excited about new motive power technologies is easy. Electric vehicles have never had so many options to power them. But getting them excited about doing power studies to determine which solution fits best? Now that’s a challenge. If you understand how the industry has been conducting power studies up to now, you know why.

The Old Way

Dealers that have conducted power studies know that it can be a time intensive and logistically challenging endeavor. You have to travel to your end user to install a battery monitor, return in two to three weeks to pick it up, then have a technician download the data and write up a report that you can take to your prospect. 

That’s three trips and at least three to four weeks before you are able to present the data to your client. For facilities in remote locations, the time involved is often longer and the expense significant. It doesn’t have to be this hard!

The New Way with inCOMMAND 

The first software module in Stryten Energy inCOMMAND is designed to automate the process of doing power studies. Measure leverages cellular battery monitors that automatically send data to the cloud. This means that you can see real time data starting the day of the installation, allowing you to check in on your power study to make sure that the vehicle usage is what you would expect from the operation. The worst thing is for your client to not use the subject vehicles during this period, which can happen.

The data collected is broken down by vehicle, highlighting all the variables necessary to design new motive power solutions. See “What is a Power Study and Why Should I Conduct One? for more information on these key components.

After two to three weeks of data collection, you have the option of sending a PDF report to your clients. Better yet, we suggest presenting your results in person when you return to remove the battery monitor. This allows you to not only go through the power study report, but also perform a simulation model right in front of your client using the data you just collected. 

That’s the power of inCOMMAND. What used to take three trips and a month or more can be reduced to two trips in under a month. And when you sit down with your prospect, you are not just discussing data, you are discussing new solutions. Now that’s scaling your ability to sell consultatively.

If you want to understand more about how you can automate and scale the process of conducting power studies, click the request button below.

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