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What You Need to Know About Premium Flooded Batteries

Batteries play an increasingly critical role in vehicle performance as carmakers continue to add more electronic safety and convenience features. With so many battery technologies on the market, such as Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) and improved flooded batteries, choosing the right battery is more complex than ever before. 

We’ve seen that EFB has the performance capability to unseat AGM as the battery of choice for vehicles with advanced power needs. But how does an  EFB compare to other premium flooded battery options? An independent third-party research company compared the Stryten Energy EFB to a competing premium flooded battery in two industry-standard tests. The results prove that not all premium batteries perform at the same level. 

Supporting Advanced Safety and Modern Conveniences    

The first test focused on start-stop functionality in modern vehicles with additional power demands such as safety features and infotainment. 

For start-stop systems, the battery provides the electrical energy to support vehicle functions during the stop portion of the drive cycle. Start-stop technology can reduce fuel consumption by 3 to 10 percent per vehicle, and cut down on nearly 6.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year as well. 

Test results showed that the Stryten EFB excelled in this test, yielding more than two times the cycle life of the competing premium flooded battery. 

Holding Up to the Heat  

The second test determines how well a battery will withstand the high temperatures under the hood of a standard internal combustion engine. For most cars, the normal operating engine temperature is in a range of 195-220℉.   

While both batteries scored almost equally in this test, the Stryten EFB proved to have a more robust alloy, which yielded higher heat tolerance at a lower grid thickness than the competing premium flooded battery.

Making the Right Choice for Your Replacement Battery

Stryten’s batteries are also fully recyclable and manufactured in the U.S. with more than 95 percent recycled materials, which makes them a particularly sustainable battery choice.

As vehicle power demands continue to evolve, choosing the right battery will become even more important. Stryten Enhanced Flooded Batteries are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern vehicles by combatting the fastest-growing causes of premature battery failure, while also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce waste both in the manufacturing and recycling of batteries for the future.

Vijay Yelundur, Director, Product Engineering

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