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Stryten Energy Motive Power Services Deliver 24/7 Support

Motive Power Services help you minimize downtime and maximize your motive power fleet performance.

Many companies rely heavily on the motive power fleets that move materials throughout their facilities. If that equipment fails, productivity, and the bottom line, suffer. Proper maintenance allows you to get the maximum life out of the batteries and chargers that keep your lift trucks moving. Motive Power Services provides reactive and proactive maintenance services to help maximize availability in operations and minimize downtime. 

The Value of Motive Power Services

All equipment will require maintenance during its service life. There are a number of different maintenance strategies.

The most basic is reactive maintenance. Repairs are done as needed when a breakdown or failure occurs to get your forklifts moving again. This “break/fix” approach can cause longer downtime and minimize availability.   

Preventive maintenance is typically regular and routine inspections that look for wear before issues appear. By inspecting equipment on a schedule, minor repairs can be made as needed, decreasing the likelihood of major breakdowns. These maintenance schedules may change based on the age of the equipment.

Predictive maintenance is an advanced, data-driven strategy. Data supplied by the equipment indicates when maintenance is needed. Data also is a means to anticipate when the failure of the machine may occur.

Energy performance management software, such as Stryten Energy inCOMMAND™, leverages real-time fleet data, so you know if your batteries and chargers are being maintained correctly, how they are configured and when they last reported up to the cloud. This in-depth visibility adds a level of assurance that the assets are properly maintained for maximum usage. 

Strategically Located Across North America

Our team of trained stored energy experts provide planned maintenance, repair services, predictive service, installations, de-installation, recycling, application audits, power studies, training, and inspections. Our network of Stryten Energy branch locations and service partners are strategically located in major areas across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Stryten Energy also has a national call center with 24/7 support. Within our call center, we use automation to ensure the visibility and reportability of all service requests. We believe in providing safe and timely resolutions for our customers. We are flexible in our service approach and work with customers to establish the service levels they require for their operations. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our team handles around 20,000 service requests every year. These tickets range from parts orders to dispatching technicians to customer sites. 

We consult with our customers to establish the correct operational key performance indexes, such as response time and total resolution time for each service request. These metrics could be measured in a matter of hours or days depending on a variety of factors. Stryten Energy Motive Power Services currently provides same day, as well as scheduled services, for a variety of customers.

Stryten Motive Power Service Coverage Map

Expanding Service Capabilities with Evolving Product Portfolio

At Stryten Energy, we invest in and develop energy storage technologies that give our customers the competitive advantage they need to be successful and achieve their goals for growth and profitability. Our product portfolio includes advanced lead, lithium and vanadium redox flow batteries, as well as intelligent chargers and cloud-based software for smart fleet design decisions. Our service capabilities are growing with our offerings.  

A Worthwhile Investment

Most organizations would agree that the cost of downtime is far more expensive than the cost of proactive maintenance. That upfront investment is worth it to maximize availability and productivity. To learn more about how to minimize downtime and get the most out of your motive power fleet, contact our knowledgeable Services team.

Steve Battleson, Director, Industrial Service

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