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Predictive Modeling Enables Educated Choices

inCOMMAND performance management software

Are you struggling to choose the best battery solution for your fleet? That’s understandable, given the plethora of choices available today. Do you need lead batteries or lithium batteries? Should you use conventional charging methods or fast-charging systems? The decision process can be daunting.

What if you could see several suitable choices in action and know exactly which of those options might be the best fit for your business – using real data, gathered straight from your operation? 

Look no further than Stryten Energy inCOMMAND.

The first step in determining which battery and charger technology to use to power your fleet is to conduct a power study. inCOMMAND makes this easy. Data from your batteries is continuously uploaded to the cloud via cellular sensors. Instead of taking several months to conduct a power study, we can analyze your fleet’s entire battery performance and charging data within a few weeks, while providing a much more accurate assessment of your needs. This instant reporting allows stakeholders to confer on the quality of the sample data and completeness.

Next, using the data we collect, we can create performance models using several different types of batteries and chargers to help determine which option is best for your fleet’s overall needs. Battery options can be interchanged based on whatever your specific issue might be – whether your main concern is growth tolerance or charging time. Charging options can be examined to determine which mode is ideal – opportunity, fast or conventional.

Even after your solutions are deployed, inCOMMAND is still hard at work, monitoring battery performance and providing real-time analysis. We deliver customized key performance indicators that you can use to improve your fleet management processes.

Don’t make decisions based on assumptions and incomplete data. Arm yourself with multiple possibilities, based on actual usage scenarios, so you can make educated choices. And enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your batteries are constantly monitored for maximum performance and efficiency.

Learn more about Stryten Energy inCOMMAND.

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