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Performance Modeling

inCOMMAND performance management software
Can Performance Modeling Benefit You? 

Assume you’re a fleet manager about to purchase 100 new forklifts, and you have three proposals for battery and charger systems to power them. One recommends lithium batteries, another suggests lead batteries with fast charging, and the third proposes battery change, your current mode of operation. How do you know which solution is right for you?

Which System is Best? 

The obvious answer is that you should choose the most cost-effective system among the viable solutions. But how do you know which solutions will really work in your operation? You know battery change will do the job because you are currently using it. But will the other solutions, which are based on a one-to-one battery to vehicle ratio, really work? Will they be able to provide uninterrupted power to your forklifts throughout your work week? 

Switching the mode of powering your fleet – from battery change to opportunity charging, from lead to lithium, from internal combustion to electric – requires deeper analysis. Without performing a time-intensive demo of all of these systems, the only way to answer this question is performance modeling.

Suppose that you hired a consultant to model these systems using data from your lift truck fleet. Imagine that he shows you that the fast charge system could tolerate up to 10% growth above your current energy usage and lithium, up to 25% growth. Imagine that he can predict the battery life for each system to determine their total cost of ownership. And finally, imagine that he can document all of these results in a PDF report to help you validate your ultimate decision.

Finding the Answer with inCOMMAND Peformance Modeling

With inCOMMAND you no longer have to imagine. Our team can perform power studies of your fleet and use this data to compare the financial and operational performance of various battery and charger solutions. 

They can simulate the impact of operational growth, allowing you to decide what level of growth tolerance is necessary to meet your future needs. Best of all, they can do all of this on their laptop in front of you so you can be involved in the modeling process to make sure all of your concerns are taken into account to develop a robust, cost-effective solution tailored to your operation.

We take pride in our ability to design advanced solutions for the motive power industry. Click here to learn more about how we can help you.

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