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When is a Lithium Battery the Right Choice?

Choosing a battery technology to use in your forklift fleet is a big question. When is a lithium battery the right choice? Or a lead battery? To find the best fit for your fleet’s requirements, it is important to consider the merits of each type of battery solution. 

Many companies are now considering lithium batteries for their operations, and for good reason. Lithium-Ion batteries (LIBs):

  • Provide an energy density that is up to four times that of lead batteries. 
  • Deliver more energy in a smaller package for longer runtimes with fewer charges. 
  • Have longer lifetimes (2X) than traditional batteries. 
  • Are lower maintenance. They do not require any watering or finish charges. 
Evaluating Cost vs. Performance of Battery Solutions

LIBs are highly efficient premium batteries that can handle extreme heavy-duty use. But this performance comes with a higher price tag. You owe it to yourself to ensure your operational needs actually justify the additional cost of LIBs. Many customers who start out considering this technology end up purchasing high performance lead batteries simply because their fleet operation’s needs are met at a lower price point. It all comes down to cost, convenience and performance, and for that reason, you should consider the full range of solutions available in the market today. 

At Stryten Energy we offer a wider assortment of battery solutions at every price point – economy, mid-level, and premium, including lithium technologies. We work closely with you to understand your business and its operations, using our powerful motive power performance management software to factor your fleet’s unique application needs into the solutions we create. We will provide a custom plan to meet your organization’s battery procurement needs. 

Using a Power Study to Determine Your Best Option

Your investment in the right battery technology is not to be taken lightly. Whether lithium or lead, Stryten Energy will always recommend the best solution for your situation based on our analysis. To learn more about Stryten’s full line of battery options available to you or to schedule a power study for your operation, please contact us

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