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Tubular Battery Solutions Offer Efficient Alternative to TPPL

Tubular battery blog

There are a number of battery technologies to consider for your motive power fleet. It’s important to remember that power is not “one-size-fits-all.” Each battery solution should be carefully weighed to find the best fit for your company’s requirements. 

Stryten Energy offers three tubular battery solutions as an alternative to TPPL technology, providing superior performance at a reduced price.

Factors To Keep in Mind 

One important fact to consider is that tubular batteries are more durable than TPPL. The all-vertical linear design of a tubular battery is inherently more robust than the grid-like structure of a TPPL battery. In addition, current travels with little resistance in a tubular battery, thanks to the thick spines inside each of the tubes.

Tubular can offer more total truck hours over the life of the battery. For lift trucks running around 100 Ah/hr, about five hours of additional runtime can be achieved using tubular versus TPPL. The high charging rates for TPPL may not pay off if the forklift needs more power per day than the battery can provide.    

From a total cost of ownership perspective, tubular can be the better choice over TPPL. TPPL has a low warranted cycle life and low energy density despite the high charging rates they can attain. In addition, Stryten’s tubular plates undergo a 100% inspection rate. Every single plate manufactured is weighted and measured, with non-conforming parts being removed and sent to the smelter for recycling. These rigorous quality checks assure our customers they can rely on tubular technology for the long term. 

Tubular Battery Solutions To Consider 

Stryten Energy has three different tubular battery solutions to meet the needs of almost any customer:

  • M-Series T300 is an entry-level tubular battery with a watering interval of 10 to 30 days, which is a conventional maintenance schedule. It is best for medium-duty applications and offers the same amp hours as TPPL.
  • M-Series T310 is a low-maintenance option that allows up to 90 days between watering events. It is designed for medium and heavy-duty applications, and it provides better amp hours than TPPL.
  • M-Series T330 is the solution for maximum power needs in premium and heavy-duty applications. It provides more amp hours than a TPPL battery, but in the same size cell space.

All Stryten Energy tubular solutions feature an 1800-cycle 5+1 warranty. For superior product technology at an economical price, tubular batteries are the logical choice for customers who need low-maintenance solutions for any type of fleet.

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