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Stryten Manufacturing Joins Battery Council International to Tackle Next-Generation Energy Storage Challenges

Stryten Committed to Continuous Innovation in Energy Storage

Alpharetta, Ga., June 24, 2021 – Stryten Manufacturing LLC ( has become a Member of Battery Council International (BCI) to help advance critical issues in the lead battery industry including the role of lead acid batteries in energy storage, industry collaboration, technology innovation, lithium battery safety and sustainability.

“We’re excited to work with BCI and other member companies to drive continued evolution and innovation in the energy industry,” said Tim Vargo, CEO of Stryten Manufacturing. “Our industry is at the forefront of some of the biggest technology innovations that will change how the world operates. BCI and its members do important work in shaping the future of energy storage, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves together to tackle new challenges.”

BCI is a not-for-profit trade association formed in 1924 to advance the lead battery industry. The organization establishes technical standards for battery manufacturing, promotes Environmental Health & Safety industry standards, champions technology advancements and promotes the responsible use and recycling of lead batteries for all transportation and energy storage applications.

“We are pleased to welcome Stryten to BCI and appreciate their collaboration and support for the critical role of lead batteries in addressing today’s most pressing stored energy needs,” said Roger Miksad, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for BCI.

BCI and its members are focused on big industry goals such as creating and sustaining the most successful circular economy on the planet. This industry collaboration has led to large global impacts, including lead batteries being the most recycled consumer product in the U.S. and the world.

About Stryten Manufacturing

Stryten Manufacturing builds innovative battery solutions that power everything from submarines to subcompacts, warehouses, distribution centers, cars, trains and trucks. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, we keep people on the move and essential supply chains running. Our stored energy solutions include lead and lithium batteries, intelligent chargers and cloud-based software that help companies make smart fleet design decisions. A technology leader backed by more than a century of expertise, Stryten has The Energy to Challenge the status quo and deliver top-performing battery solutions for today’s most recognized brands in manufacturing, distribution and retail. Stryten partners with our customers to meet the growing demand for reliable energy storage capacity now and into the future. Learn more at

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