Stryten Energy Commits to the Clean Energy Transition with New Divisions Focused on Providing Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions Utilizing Multiple Battery Technologies

The company’s GNB Industrial Power division will be rebranded to Stryten Energy to unify under the Stryten Energy company name in the markets it serves

Alpharetta, Ga., March 9, 2022 –Stryten Energy LLC, a U.S.-based energy storage solutions provider, today announced the formation of its Motive Power and Essential Power divisions to provide advanced lead, lithium and vanadium energy storage solutions to help its customers transition to clean energy sources. As a part of this change, the company’s GNB Industrial Power division will be rebranded to Stryten Energy to unify its go-to-market efforts under the Stryten Energy brand both directly and through its dealer network and service partners.

Stryten Energy’s Motive Power division provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced lead and lithium batteries, intelligent chargers and energy performance management software solutions for material handling, mining and railway applications. Stryten’s Motive Power service team of trained stored energy experts ensures its customers’ fleets operate efficiently and sustainably through planned and predictive maintenance, repair services, installation and de-installation, recycling, application audits, power studies, training and inspections. 

Stryten Energy’s Essential Power division provides a suite of advanced lead, lithium and vanadium battery technologies and services, including chargers and racking systems that are used for backup power for the military and government, telecommunications, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), railway, utility, microgrids and long-duration energy storage for renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. Stryten’s Essential Power research and development team will identify, develop and commercialize innovative technologies such as lithium and flow batteries that will support the emerging sustainable power and distribution markets.

“The creation of the Motive Power and Essential Power divisions enables our team to focus on developing and manufacturing the high-performing, top-quality energy storage solutions across multiple chemistries that are required to meet the growing demand for clean power and the de-carbonization goals in the U.S.,” said Tim Vargo, Chief Executive Officer of Stryten Energy. “Whether it is switching from internal combustion to battery-powered electric forklifts in their distribution centers or providing environmentally friendly energy storage for on-demand power needs, Stryten Energy and its vendor partners stand ready to support our customers’ sustainability goals now and into the future.” 

“This announcement follows the company’s recent transformation to Stryten Energy with significant investments in battery technology innovations, vertical integration and continuous improvement in our plants,” said Mike Judd, President and Chief Operating Officer of Stryten Energy. “Under the Stryten Energy name we have unified our go-to-market efforts to bring end-to-end energy storage and performance management solutions across the most promising battery chemistries in a completely new and unique way to solve our customers’ most pressing energy challenges.” 

The rebrand of GNB Industrial Power to Stryten Energy is expected to be complete at the end of 2022 with significant support provided for the company’s dealer network and service partners to facilitate a successful brand transition. Batteries and chargers carrying the GNB brand label will now be offered as a part of the Stryten Energy portfolio of products.

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