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Motive Power Quick Ship Keeps Forklifts Moving

motive power quick ship

The batteries that power your motive power fleet are a significant investment, representing about a third of the total cost of the forklift. Proper maintenance ensures the battery is operating at peak performance. Unfortunately, circumstances arise when a battery must be replaced. The quicker that replacement arrives, the faster your operations are back to normal. 

The typical lead time for motive power lead batteries is approximately six to seven weeks. If you can plan accordingly, it may be possible to accommodate that timeline. But why wait when there are other options available? 

Two Options for Quick Ship

Stryten Energy offers two Quick Ship Programs to better serve our customers. The standard Quick Ship allows customers to order select forklift batteries and accessories to be shipped within three business days. 

Our newest program is Quick Ship 24. This program offers shipping within 24 hours on select batteries and accessories. Orders entered the same day before midnight Eastern Time (ET) will be processed the next day and scheduled by 10:00 am ET. 

See graphic for Quick Ship workflow.

Quick Ship Workflow

Batteries and Accessories Available Via Quick Ship

A range of Stryten Energy’s bestselling M-Series flat-plate batteries and tubular batteries are available through Quick Ship. Both programs require that motive power batteries and accessories are available to be shipped. Select M-Series chargers are available for the standard Quick Ship, but are not currently included in Quick Ship 24.

Applicable accessories include watering kits to ensure watering levels are properly maintained. Electrolyte level sensors are another accessory included in the Quick Ship programs. These warning devices monitor the electrolyte levels in the battery. Proper maintenance ensures the battery is operating at peak performance.

Conditions May Apply

Submitting a standard Quick Ship or Quick Ship 24 order does not guarantee the order will be shipped as such. The entire order will need to meet program criteria qualifications. Daily in-stock availability is updated by the Stryten Energy program scheduler.

If a Quick Ship 24 order includes items that are not available through the program, the request will be invalid and scheduled as a standard Quick Ship order, assuming items are in stock. If stock is not available, the full order will be scheduled according to standard lead times. There is a possibility, depending on the battery build schedules, that the order may be shipped sooner than expected, but no guarantees are made. 

Keep Your Fleet Moving

The forklifts that move raw materials or finished products across the warehouse are a critical piece of the puzzle for many organizations. If that equipment isn’t running, your productivity and your bottom line are negatively impacted. The Quick Ship programs provide Stryten customers with the means to ensure the least amount of disruption in productivity. 

Please contact Stryten Energy customer service or your sales representative to place a Quick Ship order. 

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