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4 Tips for Marine Battery Preparation for Boating Season

marine battery

Marine battery preparation can make or break your boating plans. As we start planning our summer activities, many people’s thoughts turn to boating and other recreational watersports. But before the fun can begin, proper marine battery maintenance is necessary to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable season, all summer long.

If your marine battery was properly winterized, you should have an easy transition into the spring and summer season. Now that you’re ready to put your boat into the water, here are some tips for smooth sailing:

  • Batteries can experience corrosion over time, so it’s critical to clean them properly. Use a small wire brush and a paste of water and baking soda to brush away any dirt or rust.
  • After cleaning your battery, the next step is to give it a full and complete charging cycle.
  • When you’re ready to install your battery, use a bracket or straps to keep it secure. In addition, be sure to cover the positive terminal to prevent damage.
  • Test the battery using a voltmeter while your boat is in the water. If the battery measures 9.6 volts during turnover and maintains 12.4, it’s ready for the summer.

Remember to perform these steps prior to your first boating plans of the season, so you can relax and enjoy the water. Consistent battery preparation and battery maintenance are key to having a successful summer with a dependable marine battery and minimal surprises.

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